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Fri 12 May 2017

Beat Bazaar presents

Gobefest Festival Launch

Góbéfest is the UKs first official Transylvanian Hungarian Festival of Arts and Culture. To launch the festival, we proudly present the award winning Transylvanian Dance group Háromszék Dance Ensemble and their popular production, The Band.

The vibrant production will be followed by a traditional Hungarian Dancehouse featuring UK folk dance groups Ti-Ti-Ta from Chester and Szeredás from London.

Expect to be energised by the fast paced twirling-whirling vibrations of the Csárdás.

Early Bird price until 13th April 2017 at £17.50, full price after £25.

A 'Táncház' or Dancehouse is a folk dance event, which draws on traditions from across Hungary and Transylvania. The term is derived from a Transylvanian tradition of holding dances at individual's homes. It is on UNESCO's List of Intangible Heritage of Urgent Safeguarding.

The Háromszék Dance Ensemble has performed in every Transylvanian city, often toured in Hungary and appeared on stage in Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Poland and even in the far- away Novosibirsk.

The Band
"In the late '70s until the '90s I had the privilage to experience several 'rural wedding ceremonies' in the "Mezőség" ethnographic region. The virtuosity of the "Magyarpalatkai" band impressed me deeply as well as the energy and swing of the wedding guests. Those people knew how to party, to dance without being exhausted for a second. This vivid tradition unfortunately seems to fade away in our contemporarty society" emphasizes Könczei Árpád, the director-choreographer of the performance.

The plot itself is simple, but the characters and the subplots are very carefully constructed, like a wedding fresco with its microscopical details, each character is inspired by historic figures of that era (The Band, the wedding guests or the agressive drunks). The director expands, compresses and speeds up the sense of time of the characters as well as the audience's. The mocking of the bride, the provocative and juicy 'two liners' and folksongs set the ironic, grotesque tone of the wedding ceremony.

Script, set: Könczei Árpád, Könczei Csongor
Musical editor, artistic associate: Könczei Csongor
Dance masters: Busai Norbert, Busai Zsuzsanna
Costumes: Simó Júlia
Video: Bakó Kincső, Kató Zsolt, László Lóránd
Director, choreographer: Könczei Árpád
The Heveder band: Fazakas Levente, Molnár Szabolcs, Fazakas Albert, Szilágyi László, Bajna György
Performers: Ádám Júlia, Dombi Rózsa, Gere Csaba, Gidró Roland, Keresztes Gabriella, Kiss Adorján, Kocsis Lilla-Tünde, Lukács Réka, Lupuly Jakab, Márton Csaba, Melles Endre, Pável Hunor-Mihály, Pilinger Mónika, Portik Norbert, Székely Edina-Emőke, Törő Bence, Vajda Katalin, Váradi Ágnes, Virág Imola.