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Tue 03 Apr 2018

MsL Performing Arts Exchange presents

The Embroidery Girl

Set in the Qing dynasty, a legendary story of embroidery Master Xiu Niang's life, loves and the creation of a venerated Embroidery Art Bible against the backdrop of a rigid male-dominated society. This balletic work is a blend of Chinese folk, classical and contemporary dance, with exotic music and sumptuous costumes. It has West-End production values while maintaining a distinctly Chinese feel.

Sublimely beautiful choreography by world-renowned choreographer, Zhao Ming 赵明, many of his epic productions are known in the west such as: Dream of the Red Chamber 红楼梦, Farewell My Concubine 霸王别姬, acrobatic Swan Lake 天鹅湖, etc. His fame in the Chinese dance world is equivalent to that of film director Zhang Yimao 张艺谋in the film industry.

Stunning dance performance by Zhang Yashu 张娅姝, the beautiful Chinese dance superstar. Her distinctive style, technically beautiful yet emotionally resonant, stands out and sets the benchmark for others to follow. Her skilful leaps, lifts and stances always win audience applause.

Striking Stage Art by Zhang Jiwen 张继文, a multi-award winning contemporary stage designer. In this dance drama, he masterfully handles perspective using grids and geometric patterns to communicate dramatic scale and depth. The Embroidery Girl is a spectacular tour de force of stage visual display- making this a must-see show.


The images created are sublimely beautiful

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Luxurious displays...Dramatic scale and depth...Majestic vistas

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