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Sat 05 May 2018

Skool of Street presents

Arti-Dodgers Twist

One of Dickens' most cherished story's 'Oliver Twist' has been cleverly re-imagined in an explosion of Funk for the family. Follow the charismatic 'Arti' who despite his misfortune, tries hard to better his impoverished beginnings. The story is told through a thrilling fusion of Spoken word and Urban Dance.

There is something starkly beautiful about taking what started on the street from poverty and deprivation and putting it into a space where opera and ballet have been presented for generations. It's the contrast from what is expected in these spaces, that makes presenting them there both powerful and interesting. Our culture is empowering, and expressive. We are here as the faces and the voices of those who have struggled to get Hip Hop where it is today and We are more than ready to take ownership of these beautiful venues, and make our presence felt inside their walls. We have something spectacular to share and we will become a part of their history and their legacy.

Skool of Street are an Urban collective based in Blackpool. They work closely with established Artists and partners from the UK Hip Hop community to develop their own scene right here in Blackpool.

Skool of Street have engaged thousands of youngsters in their work and are currently working with over 500 young people on their schemes across the North West.

The organisation aims to provide a platform to anyone who is inspired by performing and creative outlets, and break down barriers of social exclusion. They are a pathway organisation who support young artists in the first steps of their careers through providing Theatre experience and links in the industry.

The collective are very passionate about getting Urban Arts into High Calibre venues in the North, exposing a more diverse spectrum of audiences to this thriving new Theatre genre.

Early bird tickets
Early bird tickets are available until the 1st April at £12.50, from the 1st April standard price tickets are £14.50 and concessions are £12.50.