Fri 06 Sep 2019

Manchester Contemporary Youth Opera presents

Duality (6 New Operas in 6000 seconds)

Manchester Contemporary Youth Opera bring six brand new, short operas to The Dancehouse. Six librettists, six composers, centennials voicing their creations.

Instruments and voices merge on stage in the worlds of the denied, the confused, the angry, the sad, the content. Questioners, their questions posed: sometimes answered, sometimes not.

Good King Agatha The king is dead, and Agatha killed him. But she overlooked one crucial detail…

Shiki, a tuberculosis tale of discourse and decision, to be an artist or to be alive.

Glimmerings of two characters on the shifting sands – the bittersweet chalices of memory.

Adela is not from Lorca's 1940s Andalucia, but like those women, not allowed outside the law. Taking ownership of her body, how does she endanger herself irreversibly?

In The Path is Made by Walking Mary mourns, caged by current convention, will her grief return her harmony?

Sole, trapped in a bizarre world, stuck under the surreal glare of the Face, surrounded by shoes and accomplishing strange impossible tasks, why are we here? And how do we get out?

MCYO was founded in 2017 by Nina Whiteman and Richard Strivens. It is a foundry for new opera: created, developed, interpreted and performed by the generation who will take opera's mantle and shake and re-shape it in the coming years. Mentors include Adam Davies of Animikii Theatre, Gary Farr and Gemma Bass of the Vonnegut Collective.

The Operas:
Good King Agatha (Hugh Morris and Edmund Phillips)
Shiki: A Tuberculosis Tale (Emily de Gruchy and Toreh O'Garro)
Adela (Patrick Shepherd and Arabella Watkiss)
The Path is Made by Walking (Paige Halliwell and Georgia Way)
Glimmerings (Daniel Nolan and Samuel Woof McColl)
Sole (Fraz Ireland and Gareth Mattey)

£13 full and £6 concessions.
£15 and £9 on the door.
Early Bird Price of £10 and £5 until 11th August.


Fantastic, Engaging, Magnificent, Inventive, Excellent, interesting project!

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£13 full and £6 concessions.
£15 and £9 on the door.
Early Bird Price of £10 and £5 until 11th August.